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There are many young athletes keen to play more netball in the south west area. Sadly clubs are often oversubscribed and these athletes have no where to go to train outside of the school enviroment, Shan Netball have partnered with Swans to create Shan Swans Development Training; a weekly training session for young netball players. The sessions will be delivered by Shan Netball coaches to help support and develop athletes, maintaining a high standard of training ,whilst waiting for a space to become available in a club. Ultimately we want to provide a high intensity, positive, vaulable training enviroment for those not yet attached to a netball club.

intensive summer training 



Shan Swans will bring you two 3 week intensive training programs this summer.


OFF THE BALL- A 3 week defence program. in June, covering:

  • Stages of Defence 
  • Defending as a unit 
  • Defending techniques  


ON THE BALL - A 3 week attacking program in May, covering:

  • Loosing your defender
  • Timing on court 
  • Ball handling 

The sessions will take place on Wednesday afternoons at Barnes Sports Trust SW13 9WT.


The sessions will be lead by Level 2 qualified Shan Netball Coach Jiyla Cupid. 


School Years 3-5 will be 5-6pm

School Years 6-9 will be 6-7pm





shan swans development 

Shan Swans will be back September 2024




Shan Swans aim to provide an accessible netball program. To provide opportunities for players of all standards to learn, develop and progress into academies and clubs.


We aim to support athletes to develop within an competitive environment for their age and stage encouraging retention in sport.


Shan Swans offer a 8 week program to 20 athletes in years 5 to 8.


The program will run from January to March 2024


The sessions will take place on Tuesday afternoons at Bank Of England Sports Center.


The sessions will be lead by experienced Shan Netball Coaches. 


School Years 5 will be 5-6pm

School Years 6-8 will be 6-7pm

How to Get Involved

Registration for Shan Swans Development Training is now open please book early to avoid disapointment 

Please note that the session are only available to those in school years 5 to 8


about the  PROGRAM 

The 8 week developement program will include the following:

  • Increase Shooting Accuracy

  • Improve Shooting Technique

  • Improve Change of Direction

  • Understand Positional Key Roles

  • Learn Styles of Defence

  • Improve Availability on Court

  • Improve Passing and Catching

  • Understand Ball Placement

  • Build Teamwork



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Welcoming players of all abilities.