Discover Your Strenghts 

discover your strengtHs 

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If you are looking for a club to take your netball to the next level then SNTA is the club for you. Our progress and results over the past year demonstrate our passion and the elite coaching the girls are provided with.

STNA is a Performance Academy - This means challenging ourselves to achieve our best individual performances to build a strong team performance. 
We encouraging players to;
Discover thier strengths, building on thier confidence so that they can be the best their can on and off court.  

shan netball training academy



SNTA is open to athletes in school years 5 -11. 




Our U10 and U11 squad training take place on a Saturday mornings with experienced SNTA coaches at Barn Elms Sports Centre SW13. 

Our U12-16 squads train on a Monday afternoon/evening with experinced SNTA coaches at Bank Of England Sports Centre SW15.

Our National competition squads have an additonal training session during the week. 




On order for athletes to continually develop it is important that we offer a fequent match play. We enter numerous competitions; 


14 teams in the Surrey Junior Netball League (U9-U16)

1 team in the Surrey Senior league (U16)

1 team in the Kingston Senior League (U15)

2 teams in ENG national league (U12 & U14)

1 team in SisterNsport national league (U12)


SJNL Fixtures, results , tables

SJNL Rules and Information

Kingston Netball League Standings/fixtures/results 

Surrey Netball League Standings/fixtures/results 


OUR junior DEVELOPMENT program 


partnership with putney netball club 

The best way we can develop our young growing athletes is by having them continually challenge themselves. Once an athlete is over the age of 14 they are eligible to compete in adult netball leagues. We have partnered with a Putney Netball Club and have produced a Junior Development Program for the young athletes in year 10 and 11 at Shan Netball Training Academy. Additonal to training with SNTA and competing in the Surrey Junior League. Athletes will 

  • Compete weekly in the Kingston and Surrey Netball League
  •   Attend a monthly netball session with Putney Netball Club

The Kingston and Surrey Netball League

Matches will take place every Saturday.Matches are played in a "Home and Away" format - all Home games will take place at Roehampton University SW15. All fixtures can be found on Teamer. Athletes will play up to 26 competitive senior matches during the season. 


Attending a monthly netball session with Putney Netball Club 

To help breach the gap between the junior and adult league, participants will be able to attend a monthly training session with Putney Ladies  will take place at Roehampton University 8-9.30pm on the last Tuesday of each month. At the training session the athletes will discover what an adult training session looks like. 

the social side 


team building, having fun and creating memories  

As an academy it is our aim  to promote a fun friendly social culture. It is important that on and off court our athletes are having fun together as this has a huge impact on their effectiveness as a team.  At our social events athletes interact in other ways differently to how they normally would on court. We arrange activities to create an opportunity to build trust, cohesiveness, friendships and memories.

In the past we have had such socials as 

  • Xmas Ice skating
  • Disney Netball Festival Tour
  • Butlins Tour
  • Summer Netball festivals and Tours

You can check out our social calendar 

We have amazing parent volunteers who organise these events, that help make our academy a very special place. 

want to join us?

Flexible, secure access

We currently have spaces in each year group. Our next trials will be held on 6th July 2022 at Barns Sports Trust Sw13.

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Do not want to wait unitl then?

In the meantime we will be recuiting from our Community Camps  as this is a great opportunity for ; 

Participants to get a feel for the club, coaches and members. 

Coaches to continually asses players over the course of 3 days 

Participants to recieve expert coaching and attend masterclass sessions

Meeting new friends and having fun

Partipating in a Q and A with an International Netball Player 

For more information and how to sign up for our next camp please visit our Community Camp page. 

Complete the form below if you would like to utilise the camp as a trial or you would like to be updated with upcoming trial information.  



Play during the Summer

Our summer netball training sessions provide additional fitness and training for young players.